Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maxthon in those humble little "trick"

As the saying goes: 宸ユ鍠勫叾浜嬪繀鍏堝埄鍏跺櫒. Maxthon browser in the small "trick", but has a major problem. Maxthon skills to master, multi-use browser shortcuts, allows us to surf the Internet when the multiplier.

Speed, efficiency represents a success! This remark is not false, we visit the website, the purpose of obtaining information, the process will have to with some conventional browser operation, such as search, visit the Web site, save the picture and so on, those accustomed to browse operation, every day we have conducted in duplicate, in fact, these seemingly simple mechanical operation will occupy much of our time. Maxthon browser, some small "tricks" that can greatly simplify these operations, will make your web surfing much more with less!

First, instant deposit plan

See the good on-line picture, if you want to save up the routine of our approach is right implementation of the Save As, so the whole process is probably at least three clicks of the mouse button, although this is not much, but if only a single mouse click can be achieved, will be even better? Maxthon has this instant deposit plan features, see the picture you want to save, simply hold down the Ctrl, click the left mouse button in the picture, pictures can be automatically saved to the specified folder in the .

If you want to change the image stored in the path, you can choose "Tools - Maxthon set the center - the floating button", the default save location and select the "Browse" to change the store image.

2, Quick Start commonly used procedures

When browsing the web, inevitably because other things to do outside of the browser used to other procedures, if this time to return to double-click the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu options are possible. In the Maxthon browser is not no need for such a "troublesome", which specifically provides for the external program the Quick Launch area, called "plug-in bar", click the appropriate button above to start the proceedings.

Maxthon default placed five most commonly used Windows system program, if you want to add the program, you can click on "enhancements - add external tools" such as Tencent QQ we want to add up, you can add a window in the order to add the information on the QQ, in fact, directly on the desktop or taskbar will need to add the program shortcut to add drag to the window without the need of the other one by one entered.

3, Super Drag and Drop

Always accompanied by browsing to open sites, search content, and these operations, drag the mouse to use Maxthon, the face of these operations allows us to save steps.

For example you are browsing the web, to see some of the content you want to learn more, simply use the mouse to select it, then drag, when you release the mouse, Maxthon will open a new tab and carried out automatically search for the word; and if you select the URL address of the content, then Maxthon will automatically open the URL page; if the goal is a picture, then the browser will open in a new tab in this picture .

Tip: Maxthon mouse gestures I believe we all have heard of it, use the mouse gestures on the page will allow us to complete the program than the gestures of various conventional operation, extremely convenient (

4, at one key

In fact, we usually browse the Web, most of the time could only customary visit often on those few sites, such as early in the morning to open the computer, I got used to form the open Sina News, 163 News and several forums, first here some These sites, then start the day. We know that you can add these URLs to the browser in order to facilitate open, in fact, Maxthon also provides a more convenient way - that is, at one key.

Open the computer as we wanted to visit the web site all integrated into a keyboard button, we need to do is click this button, you can open them all the site. Maxthon settings in the center, select "Web navigation", in one key area of its Web site, click the "Add Project", which F1 to F12 to choose the input box in the back we want a key to open URLs, each line (Figure 5).

After that, if you want to open these sites do not need to favorites one by one click, just press the F1 key on the keyboard can be had.

Finally, to tell you some very useful shortcuts Maxthon:

1, the address bar, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to automatically join the "" format;

2, press the boss key (Ctrl + ~) can hide the Maxthon browser, click restore;

3 shortcut keys Ctrl + F1 to regional screenshots, double-click the left button to save the picture, right-click or ESC Exit screenshots;

4, shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + n to open the URL in the clipboard.

5, full screen press F11 to switch state.


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